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Winter League 2017/18 - Week 7, 30 October 2017

Team Aeriel extend their lead

Team Aeriel took all the points against Bunz 'n Burner and now lead Hit & Miss, who dropped four points against Split Happens, by seven points. Pin Pals keep third place in spite of losing 2-10 to the Late Shows. Easybowl move up a place to fourth.

Mick Punshon had the best series, 536 (647 with handicap) and had one of only two 200 games tonight, 215 (252). Karl King had the best game, his best this season 220, (251)

Diane MacFarlane improved her high series by 58 to 474 (627, second best this week) including her best game of the league, 180 (231) Merv Farrow alo had new high scores, 465 (609) and 197 (245)

The average scratch game this week was 147.7 and the league to date improved by 0.7 to 143.7. The average scratch series this week was 443.0.

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