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Winter League 2017/18 - Week 6, 23 October 2017

Team Aeriel take over

Team Aeriel jump back to the top of the league after a 10-2 win over Young Tigers and a 12-0 win against Lightning Dtrikes in their back match. They go above Hit and Miss by three points and Pin Pals by five points. We're Going Home rise to fourth after their second good win in a row.

Mark Daguio was top scorer with 540, a new high for the season by 74, (660 with handicap) and he also had the best game, 197 (237). John Bryer had the only other 500 series tonight, 524 (587). Karen Davies, 620 and Doug Main 607, also had good handicap series.

5-10 split
Terry Highton was successful with a 5-10 split.

The average scratch game this week was 141.8 and the league to date has fallen by 0.3 to 143.0. The average scratch series this week was 424.5.

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