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Winter League 2017/18 - Week 14, 15 January 2018

No change at the top

There were no changes in the top six places after tonights bowling. Team Aeriel could only draw against Mac Too and their lead over Pin Pals is reduced by four to eleven. We're Going Home stay in third but now trail Pin Pals by nine points.

John Bryer had the only 500 series tonight: 542 (599 with handicap). Simon Goodwin had the best handicap series - 633 (495, 17 higher than his previous best this season). Nikki Rye Holland had the only 200 game, 213 (248) which was her first 200 game this season and was 15 higher than before.

The average scratch game this week was 146.7 and the league to date improved slightly to 145.6. The average scratch series this week was 440.2 (last week 435,4)

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