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Leicestershire Bowling
an archive of league bowling at the Megabowl, Leicester. Results for the Wednesday and Friday night leagues and BTBA County bowling.
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The Davies Shield 2017

Team Aeriel faced Living on a Spare in the final on 20 November.

Living on a Spare, Luke O'Downie and Tom Brooks were the winners, largely thanks to a personal best game 182 (239 with handicap) by Tom at exactly the right moment. Their 424 game comfortably beat Team Aeriel's 389 and was the highest score by any team in this year's competition. Results »

Winter League: 2017/18
Week Date   Week Date
1 11 Sept   16  
2 18 Sept   17  
3 25 Sept   18  
4 2 Oct   19  
5 9 Oct   20  
6 23 Oct   21  
7 30 Oct   22  
8 6 Nov   23  
9 13 Nov   24  
10 20 Nov   25  
11 27 Nov   26  
12 4 Dec   27  
13     28  
14     29  
15     30  
League News

Winter 2016/17
A very long league ended on 10 July with a win by Team Aeriel in their first season. Results»

Team knockout competitions:
Davies Shield: Easybowl (Danny Gunn, Mick Punshon & Simon Goodwin)
High Rollers: The Kings
(Karl King & Cameron Rogers) Results»

Summer 2016
Newcomers The Late Shows take the title in a close finish from Convince.
Winter 2015/16
Lightning Strikes retain their title!
League Table»
Summer 2015
Brothers Grimm make it 3 in a row! The Brothers won the short summer league with a week to spare and had a 10 point margin over Hot Chris Bunz in second place.
League Table»
Winter 2014/15
Lightning Strikes Win Again!
League Table»
4/8/14 Brothers Grimm are the first team to retain the summer league title.
16/5/14 Winter League 2013/14
snatch the league from Brothers Grimm who had been top of the table for the previous 25 weeks Table»
16/9/13 Brothers Grimm win the Summer 2013 league from Hot Chris Bunz and Duo.
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